Piano Services in Seattle

Piano Repair

There are many things that go together to make your piano work well. Although remarkably durable, pianos are subject to wear and tear over time, changes in atmospheric conditions, being moved, and neglect. Keys can chip or fall off, and the soundboard can crack. Over time, strings need to be replaced. These are just a few of the things that can cause your piano to suffer. Most piano problems are fixable. We would be happy to give you an estimate for getting your piano back up to speed.

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Piano Refinishing

Like any piece of fine furniture, your piano can lose it’s luster and beauty over time. Many of our customers have us refinish pianos that have been in their families for several generations. We restore those pianos so they continue to be beautiful additions to their homes and heirlooms for generations to come.

Piano Restoration

We can take that old piano of yours and make it as nice as you want it to be. Grandma would be happy to see the pride you take in something she loved so much in her day. An old piano is truly a work of art. Just think of the handwork, the precision, and the artistry that was put into the old beauties. The wood and materials they used in those days is no longer available to us. Restoration is the only way to keep these heirlooms in the family for generations to come. There were many hundreds of brands of pianos made in the early 1900’s by craftsmen who came here before World War I. They were so happy to be here and were even happier to have a job building pianos with great care and price for a payment of maybe ten to twelve cents per hour. That was good pay then. What they built then were of the highest quality and many of them are still around. That is what I like to restore.

Piano Tuning

Pianos we sell, repair, or refinish are tuned in your home after delivery at no charge to you. For tunings at other times, we recommend Mike Gill at 206-789-2632.

Piano Moving

Piano Rebuilding