Why Buy A Restored Piano?

Because the old adage is true. They just don’t make pianos the way they used to. Old pianos are built by master craftsmen, many of whom learned their skills by apprenticing in Europe. Our rebuilt vintage pianos are made of the finest materials. All of our restored pianos have been cleaned, tuned and restored-they are just waiting for a new home

Why Restore Your Piano?

Your piano has over 12,000 parts, almost as many as your car. Like your car, your piano needs occasional repairs to keep it in perfect condition. We know and appreciate the workmanship that went into building your piano. We will clean and restore your piano, turning it back into an heirloom your family will treasure for generations.

Why Choose Piano Tom?

Piano Tom has over 40 years of experience restoring pianos. We care about your piano and our prices are competitive. We always provide a free estimate and a free tuning with each purchase.